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Individuated Aspects of the Flow and the Importance of Self Love ~ Channeled May 26, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. We honour you for making the commitment to come and have this experience during your free time and we also honour you for being in your highest service to be here to help anchor the energies of the group. And when we say group, of course we mean not only those who are in the room experiencing the transmission in real time but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What glorious times you are experiencing right now, Dear Ones! Your humanity is moving forward at record speeds. You are growing, you are expanding, you are assimilating and you are creating. We cannot fully express the level of joy and excitement that the entire universe is experiencing as we experience, through you, your personal ascension and the ascension of your beloved Gaia.

Today we would like to address two aspects that we feel many of you may be requiring assistance with. The first we would like to address is about the flow. Now, many of you understand that surrender and flow is the most seamless way to get where your soul desires to be. You understand that surrender, faith, flow and trust are the vital aspects to enlightenment, as well, throwing in gratitude as the steering wheel to the flow. Many of you have become very adept at working within the flow. Many of you have come to accept that the flow contains both movement and also periods of lull. And, by and large, many of you are learning how to accept the periods of rapid acceleration and as well the periods of lull.

We would like to take you further into an understanding of the flow today by discussing the individuated aspects of the flow. Many of you perceive the flow as being an entire thing – all of your life expression will either be in a forward movement of flow or all of your life will grind to a screeching halt if you are in a lull period. You see it as either/or, all or nothing.

In reality, there are many different channels of the flow, individuated aspects of the flow, and this is where many of you are tripping up, so to speak. You are not recognizing that one area of your life may be experiencing accelerated movement while other areas may be in a pause or a lull period. Of course, you understand that even in a perceived lull there is always action going on behind the scenes. There is always movement, it may be simply movement that you are not aware of yet. It has simply not yet sprung forth into your experience.

So, what we see in many of the enlightening human beings, is an acceptance of flow when it is flow across the board or an acceptance of lull when it is lull across the board but great confusion when you are having a combination of both. And we would say to you just apply what you know to the individuated aspects.

So, for example, you may be experiencing great forward movement in the area of your career. Everything is moving forward rapidly and yet, despite your best effort, you can’t seem to get your day to day chores done. You have no time. You bemoan the fact that there are not enough hours in the day. You panic. How on earth am I going to get things done when all of this flow in the area of my career is taking all of my attention? Then you do what many human beings on the planet tend to do when they perceive there is a problem, they start to should on themselves! They start to think I’m not doing very well. I should be able to clean my house. It should be sparkling clean. I should be able to cook that meal for 12 people and do it joyfully while balancing all my work on another platter. Do you see?

As you move into the mastery of the flow, Dear Ones, you will learn to ride the individual waves or the individual currents. When that forward movement slows in one area of your life, it is time to step into the next forward moving current, and just trust that however the flow is presenting to you at the time is exactly where you focus and energy should go.

You’ve been working with these energies long enough to know that accelerated movement, while very exciting at the time, always balances out and you’ve come to notice that an area that has been in a lull can suddenly spring back to life in a moment’s notice. So what our beloved enlightening human beings may want to do, is to simply become masters at flow jumping. Understand that each time you do so, you are seamlessly working within the flow and harnessing every bit of that forward moving energy that is available to you.

Imagine the creating you could do with your focus if you would simply stop berating yourself for what is not getting done! Dear Ones, if something is not getting done it is because it is not being energetically supported.

Many of you in your humanness ask, “How do I know I’m not just being lazy?” “How do I know that I’m not just procrastinating?” There is a distinct difference in the energy, Dear Ones. If the flow is simply not present in a certain area of your life, it is because the energy is just not there to support it for whatever reason. It means that you could try with all your might to do things and your efforts would be met with blockages and fraught with difficulties and frustration. You would just experience a lack of support in that area and not much would get accomplished. If you were just being lazy and procrastinating, the flow would be making you most uncomfortable with your soul calling, over here, Dear One, over here! You would quickly understand you were just being resistant and that the conditions were ripe for forward movement.

When the flow is supporting an area of your life, forward movement comes easily. It is not a struggle. It comes together almost like magic. The flow is the path of ease. Do you see? There is quite a difference between the two.

So we would say to you, start each day with surrender and intend to stay in the flow throughout the day, secure in the understanding that where it takes you is the highest, most supported path available to you. Trust that all of the other areas of your life that you deem need attention will also have their moments of flow and you will get much more done in each area, with much greater ease, if you wait for the moments when the flow supports them.

If you do this, you will be able to step forward and enjoy the ride, enjoy the excitement, enjoy the magic that can happen when you are in that surrender and in that flow. It will keep you embracing your creator self at all times instead of falling into doubt and angst when it is simply not called for.

We hope this will help you as you move forward in the days and weeks ahead. You see, the individuated aspects of the flow occur not just in your singular life expressions. It occurs throughout the universe. You will have areas and planets within the universe that are experiencing great growth and flow and others that are not. In many ways, your individual lifetimes would be tiny aspects of such. In fact, if you wish to speak of your lifetimes, you may have lifetimes that are running concurrently to the one you are experiencing right now in this room, that may be experiencing forward movement and flow in the area of your life that you are not experiencing flow at this time. It is a vast system, Dear Ones and there are many different expressions of flow.

Do you see? It is a beautiful system of ebb and flow, with all of it being divinely perfect. Surrrender, faith, flow, trust. It’s not just about the surrender and the flow. It’s about the faith and the trust that how it is presenting is what is divinely perfect for you at any given moment. We will leave it at that.

Now the next topic that we wish to address is one that is particularly difficult for those of the human condition, and that is the aspect of self love. You are so hard on yourselves, Dear Ones. You berate and abuse and beat up on yourselves so very much. We cannot express how sad it makes us when you do this because you are simply not viewing yourselves accurately. On many different levels you understand this, yet you continue the behaviour. As you move forward in the creation of the New Earth, you must stand in your authenticity and in your truth. If you continue to beat yourselves up and not love yourselves unconditionally for the amazing beings that you are, how on earth are you going to move forward in the creation of the New Earth?

How can you be authentically giving acceptance to others if you cannot offer it to yourselves? Many of you are helper souls and many of you are incredibly compassionate toward others and you could have someone come and tell you an absolutely identical life expression that they are having that matches yours completely and you would offer them advice that was filled with love and compassion and understanding for their circumstances and then look at yourself at the mirror and berate yourself for the very same things. When you look at it that way, that is not being very authentic at all, is it?

If you are beings of compassion, if you are beings of unconditional love, Dear Ones, it must start at home! You must see and honour yourselves for the blessed creatures that you really are. You must move into that balance, you must hold the unconditional love for yourselves in order to anchor the energies of unconditional love for the planet. This is really what walking your talk means. How can you lead others to their healing if you are not taking the time to offer those healing steps to yourselves? It simply does not make any sense.

Can you imagine if you were in the presence of your beloved guides, angels or ascended masters and they assured you that you were magnificent and gave you wonderful guidance and in the next breath talked about how much they disliked themselves and how broken and flawed and wounded they were? Do you see how ridiculous that would be? Would you see them as a source that should be trusted and followed if they did that?

You are the most powerful teachers through example and the greatest example that you can share with others, right now, is what true unconditional love of self looks like. People are confused by this. They think self love is puffing oneself up in ego. This is not what we are speaking of. That would not be authentic either, would it? This is not about delusions of grandeur. This is not what we speak of. This is not about faking it until you make it. This is about owning who you really are, seeing yourself as a beloved and allowing that beautiful energy to shine forth.

You cannot shift the world into fifth dimensional consciousness if you cannot hold unconditional love for yourselves, Dear Ones, it simply cannot be done. Do you see? If you understand that we are all a piece of the whole, every time you abuse yourselves with your self talk is no different than abusing your child or abusing your best friend or your partner or your favorite archangel or ascended master or God. Do you see? Because what you do to one you do to the whole. It is about authenticity. It is about finally stripping off the layers and seeing yourself as the piece of God that you are, and once you accept yourself as that, your light will shine brighter than it ever has before and every person that comes in contact with you will benefit from it. Gaia will benefit from it. You will finally be truly anchoring the energies that are required for the creation of the New Earth.

Dear Ones, we implore you to become clear about what you want to create in the New Earth. You understand you are the wayshowers. You understand that you are the light bearers. How can you move forward in the creation of the New Earth holding self loathing? You cannot! Love yourselves! You are all amazing, beloved aspects of the whole. You are the masters who have come in to make this amazing process finally, truly happen. If you could only see how amazing you are from our perspective, you would wonder how you ever doubted it.

So please, if you are going to make anything a priority in the energies moving forward, please release the negative talk and the illusion that you are separate and the things that you hold onto to keep yourself small because that is not who you are and that is not what you are here to experience. If you only would take a short period of time every day and intend to truly remember who you who you really are and make a commitment to allow that truth to shine forth, you would start living in that unconditional love for self because there would be no way that you could avoid it. And with that we will leave you for today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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The Passageway of May ~ Channeled May 7, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be sharing our transmission at this new location. We honour you for making the time to be here and we also honour the new ones to the group for being open to having such an experience. And of course when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room with us today but also those who will enjoy the transmission on your internet at a later time.

We are pleased with the timing of the get together today. As you know, we normally offer one teaching channel per month but the times are unique, Dear Ones, and we wish to speak on that today.

Your month of May is going to be very busy energetically for you. It will be challenging to some who do not have the skills to navigate it. You have started the month with a huge energetic shift that occurred from moving from the energies of April into the energies of May. You went straight into the 5/5/5 gateway and the supermoon. You will be experiencing the effects of two eclipses, which are always pressuring to many, and the sun’s activity has also increased. What you may be unaware of is that in the cosmos there is a falling into place of sacred geometry that is affecting your planet quite profoundly and all of those that rest on the planet as well.

While the energies of 2012 have been quite fast moving and intense, and we do not say this to feed any sort of fear. It is merely a statement. You are only picking up steam, Dear Ones, as you move into the second half of this very important, very pivotal and at times, volatile year.

You have been working hard and those efforts are starting to pay off. We hear many of you get tired. Many of you fear the New Earth will never arrive. Many of you say, “I have worked so hard and I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything for all of my efforts”. We understand from your perspective it is easy to fall into that kind of thinking, however, whenever you do feel that way we implore you, please look back over the last one year of your linear time. Then look a the past two years of your linear time, past three years, five years, ten years. Do you see? Much like you cannot notice the growth of a child when you see the child on a daily basis, you are not recognizing the huge leaps in consciousness that have been made within yourselves and also on the planet.

We will give you an analogy that should help make things clearer on what is happening. It is as if you have been in the river of the flow and you have slowly been getting used to the energies of being in the flow. You’ve learned how to surrender and you’ve learned how to stay in faith and trust in that flow. You are learning that it is through the flow that you get where you want to be in record time, and many of you have become very adept at stepping into the flow. And yes, many of you step out of the flow as well because you forget but more and more you are redirecting yourselves time and again, to move into that place of authentic power.

So you’ve been swept down the river of the flow and you have come to a very tight juncture in the flow. This juncture is the passageway from the old earth to the New Earth. Some have referred to it as the birth canal or the eye of the needle. It’s a very narrow space that a lot of energy needs to pass through. There’s a lot of congestion in that area near this very narrow juncture where the wide river of the flow is trying to go through a very narrow passageway. What is happening, as it does with water, is when the water passes through such a small, narrow space with so much force behind, it is being catapulted forward at super speed.

You say, “Oh that sounds so scary! How do I know that I am ready?” The water droplet does not worry about whether it is ready or not. It simply allows. You will be fine if you continue to move forward and apply what you know. It will be those who are resisting going through the narrow juncture of the flow who will find themselves in the churning waters, feeling very uncomfortable, indeed. Dear Ones, you will only create discomfort for yourselves if you are in the energies of resistance. We do not know how many times we can say this to you. Please hear us now. The way to do all of the things that your soul is here to achieve is by working with the flow. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

You are changing the old paradigms. Many of you have grown up in families with very set belief systems. Many family’s parents or grand parents had grown up during wartime. Some came from the depression era where there was great lack, where there was not enough, where there were rations. In coming through that, they adopted a belief system that said it doesn’t really matter if you like what you do, it just matters that there is food on the table.

From that place it has been very difficult to get comfortable in the energies of abundance. Do you see? You’ve been taught you don’t take more than what you can scrape by on because that would be greedy. There was this idea that there is not enough for everyone and you were just lucky to have a job and it was irrelevant if you liked it or not. That old system is crumbling and it is thanks to your efforts.

You are changing the paradigm because how you are learning to live now will be what the norm is for your children. Your children will be growing up in the new energies that say, it is an abundant universe. You follow the path of joy. You do whatever makes your heart sing. Do you see the difference? Do you see the potential for your planet just from that fundamental shift in consciousness?

These are amazing and pivotal times. Do not forget what you know. Many of you will be feeling squeezed. Many of you will be experiencing sleep disturbances, headaches, dizziness, moodiness as you are reacting to the energies. What do you do about these? Dear Ones, ask your guides to help you! Does it not occur to you to say, “I’m tired because I didn’t sleep. Please infuse me with energy?” How about, “My head hurts! Please help me by lifting my headache. Please take this pain away from me.” You can be working in partnership with spirit. You’ve gathered all of these skills and then you forget to use them! It baffles us when we are standing so close to help you and yet you don’t use us. So please know that we are here to assist.

But this very active month is not just about things that bring you discomfort. Many of you will experience pockets of absolute joy, of complete connectedness, of feeling deeply moved, which will be of great relief to those who have felt somewhat disconnected of late. Spirit communication will be strong, as well as your dream state. The month will be ripe with self–discovery and personal breakthroughs. And expect instant manifestations and synchronicities to abound.

We are all working together and if you can remember and apply what you know and use the help that is available to you, you will be moving through this Shift of the Ages with much greater ease into life expressions that you never dreamed were possible. And it is all because of you. Do you understand how remarkable that is?

So we ask you to be kind and gentle with yourselves throughout it all, but also to keep your focus on what you are here to do. We listen to your negative self-talk and we cannot even imagine how you could have such inaccurate views of yourselves because you are glorious creatures that are achieving what has never been done on your planet before. Own that! That is who you are! Allow it to shine brightly! You are the wayshowers and you cannot show the way if you don’t allow your light to shine. Rest assured that each and every one of you is absolutely remarkable and loved and cherished beyond measure. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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The Importance of Integrity ~ Channeled April 28, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are absolutely delighted to be with you today. We honour you for putting yourselves first to come and enjoy the teaching and the healing that will be occurring from this group, understanding that as you do this you are supporting others and the planet by holding the higher energies. And of course, when we say group we mean not only the people in this room but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

Today we wish to speak to you of an aspect that is rarely spoken of in terms of spiritual growth. That aspect is the aspect of integrity. Many of you are floundering, confused on how to proceed with certain relationships, with certain teachers, with certain healers. We say to you, what you are always looking for is integrity. It is finding the match of integrity to what you hold that is so vital to a lasting working relationship of any sort.

Please allow that to sink in. This is a very important piece of information for you, Dear Ones. If you are trying to connect in a partnership with one whose integrity does not match your own, the partnership will not last. We understand that many of you, moving forward, are searching for partners, for love relationships that will match who you really are. The greatest indicator of that, Dear Ones, is finding a partner with a matching level of integrity.

We speak to you of moving forward in the energies of transparency. We encourage people to stand tall in their truth and in their integrity, to allow it to shine forth clearly for others to see. We have also spoken of how incongruency is no longer being supported. This is why we are seeing so many of your celebrities and politicians and other people in the public eye being exposed if they are putting on a mask to the world that does not match what is going on on the inside. This is where many of you have been disappointed in your dealings with others.

Those who are authentically walking a spiritual path have an innate, high sense of integrity. And because that is who you are, you naturally expect that others will be operating from that same level. This is what has led to you being disappointed time and again. Hear us, Dear Ones. A relationship simply will not work if you do not have similar levels of integrity.

The good news is, as we move forward in the energies of transparency, it will be very easy to see the level people are operating from. So, as you are looking for a partner, we would say observe. Pay attention. See if this person is operating from a similar level to yours. It is the most reliable indicator if a partnership will be sustainable or not. It really isn’t so much about upbringing, or specific religious or spiritual beliefs. It is about how that person’s innate level of integrity leads them to operate.

All of you are so very advanced that many of you have a tendency to fall in love with the soul of another. You find the divine spark in each other and you fall in love with that. But being on the planet, having a human expression, there will be an overlay of how that soul will be expressing itself in this lifetime. And this is where the differences occur.

So many of you have been very aware of people that you were involved with consistently acting in far less than your operational standards, shall we say, and yet you forgive because you see the spark of divinity. It is fine to love each other. We encourage loving each other as being aspects of the whole, however, the operational level of each person will let you know whether this relationship will be in flow and supportive and in partnership to you or not. A high sense of integrity indicates an equal level of spiritual mastery.

Integrity can look different in many ways to different people. Honour amongst thieves within that group of people might be considered integrity. Some people may never, ever steal if you left money in front of them but yet if a clerk was to give them the wrong change at a store, they consider it their lucky day.

Integrity is about standing in your truth. It is about embracing who you really are. It is operating from your highest spiritual beingness. People of a very high level of integrity do not make choices based on getting accolades. Their behaviour will be the same whether there is a crowd of people or whether they are all by themselves. Operating from your highest integrity when no one is watching you, we often say, is like having a delicious secret between you and God. It is allowing your true self to shine.

Integrity supports the whole. You may have heard the expression, preserving the integrity of the whole. Do you see? It is that internal guidance system, where there is a joy in doing the right thing because it honours who you really are, and further, expecting that energy to come back unto you.

This is what you are looking for in your partnerships. This is what you are looking for in your businesses, in your governments, in your economic systems. It is the basis for all of what we wish to see, moving forward in the creation of the New Earth. This is why we encourage you so strongly to stay in that alignment with who you really are and to follow your own internal guidance system. It is so important as we move forward in the creation of the New Earth that you will operate according to what is your truth, honouring what is best for you, and from that highest perspective, what is best for the whole. The energies of integrity are so vital to what it is that you are trying to create. Fourth and fifth and higher dimensional consciousness cannot exist without integrity. It cannot.

You cannot be wide open to another if you are not sure what their level of integrity may be. “Oh”, you say, “I’ve been fooled so many times before, how do I know?” People will tell you everything you need to know about them in record time, and, if you are honest with yourselves, in some of your past disappointments you will admit that you had all of the information that you needed very early on. You likely just chose to ignore it.

You may have chosen to attempt to fix another. You may have taken on a savior role. You may have thought love will just fix whatever is wrong with them. Love can do many things, Dear Ones, but it cannot achieve spiritual growth for another. That is dependant upon the self.

So as you move forward in these energies with clear boundaries and more balance, feeling more secure in where you are, allow finding that match of your own personal integrity to be how you make your decisions moving forward. By doing so, wisely with discernment, you will find yourself finally in that energetic place where you can be wide open, open-heartedly allowing your light to shine and basking in the light of others, in a way that is only supportive to the group. That is where you will finally experience the freedom that your soul has been craving all along. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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Your Role of Guide ~ Channeled April 8, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. We honour you on this high holy holiday that celebrates the Christed presence. We are so grateful that you have come to participate in grounding in the energy of this new sacred space. Each of you are blending your unique energies to create the foundation that many teachings and healings and energetic events will be borne from, so for this, we honour you and we thank you for your service.

We wish to tell you how exciting the time is that you are in. What many of you may not know is that this Easter holiday has created a new plateau of permanent Christed energy that will be staying on your planet. It is a new springboard, if you will, to move forward from this point and many of you are feeling the difference. You are feeling the effects of this new influx of energy. It is with this new energy that there will be much change. There will be further acceleration, Dear Ones, but do not fear. You are more than ready.

Many of you will be feeling more connected than you ever have. Do not be surprised if you suddenly feel a wave of compassion come upon you or a wave of unconditional love or a wave of connectedness at random times as you move forward. You are going to become more aware of how interconnected you all are, and more important than that, how connected to Source you always are. So in that regard, it is a beautiful time for you, Dear Ones.

This magnified and enhanced connection also means that your manifestations will be coming to you in record time. It is another way of stepping into your mastery. You will see things manifesting so very quickly before you that it will help you become much more mindful of your thoughts. The reminders will always be there.

The electromagnetics of your planet are changing. This is the “thinning of the veil” that you have heard so many speak of. Due to this, many people who do not believe in spiritual events, who do not believe in the unseen world, will have their own experiences. This will be most disconcerting to many, but it is due to these experiences that they will begin to ask the bigger questions, so all is divinely perfect.

As we move forward from this new place, we wish to speak to you about the fact that you are all stepping into your roles as guides. You, who have already been on the path for quite some time, will be assuming more and more the role of active Wayshower. You will be guiding others through your example and teaching them how to stay in balance. You will help them find the balance of being a spiritual being and a human being and how to walk that walk not just talk the talk. You will be teaching with your love and your compassion and your actions, Dear Ones.

Now this does not mean that we expect you to be perfect. We just ask you to be authentic. Being human often includes making mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is through your mistakes that you further define who you are and it is okay to own them and experience them and choose differently next time. By doing that, you will be teaching as well.

So, much like your spirit guides, we ask you to offer others acceptance and allowing and unconditional love for where they are. We ask that you offer your advice only when asked and to do it mindfully to a level that they would understand. We ask that you not fix others. Just as your spirit guides would never step in and take away your free will or disempower you, you should never do such things to an other. We ask that you start to live as the masters that you are. And that is what the ascension is, is it not? It is embodying your divine self in your human body on the planet. What glorious times, indeed!

More than that, you are going to begin guiding yourselves more and more. You will be connecting to the part of you that is always connected to the whole and you will be able to navigate your paths with grace and ease. Connecting to your inner knowingness means not depending on others. It means finding the answers that have always existed within yourself. It means finding the healing that has always existed within yourself. We would say to you if you are on the planet at this time, you are privy to all of the knowledge that you could possibly require, all within yourself. Does this mean that you will stop listening to other channels such as our partner in transmission? No, it does not. But what it does mean is that you will be getting your own answers and looking to other sources for confirmation rather than giving all of your power to another for answers. Do you see? Do you see the difference? It is appropriate to tap in for yourself and it is appropriate to have another tap in for you, so long as it is empowering to you. It is merely deciding to experience different flavors of the energy of the whole. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, we encourage that, because if you are using it to support your own authentic power, it is a beautiful thing indeed.

You may find that you have a huge connection to one ascended master for a period of time and then decide in the next week that you really don’t need to contact them at all, that you are perfectly fine on your own. You may find you stop reading as many books, or stop going for so many healings, because you just don’t feel it is required. Oh, Dear Ones, there will be some who will try to tell you that you are doing it all wrong, that you must do it this way, that you must fix your energy, you must activate your lightbody, you must meditate this way… Dear Ones, please, if you hear nothing else today, honour yourselves enough to do what feels right for you! Allow others to do whatever feels right for them, but rest assured if it is something that you need, you will know! You will be drawn to it, in fact, nothing will stop you from doing it if it is something that you need. The flow will take you to exactly what you need, so stop beating yourself up about what you should do. You have gotten this far with your internal guidance system and you will continue to get exactly where you need to be.

You are in a position in your lives right now to start stepping into your role of conscious creator, not only of the New Earth but to start living the life that you truly deserve. Harness these energies, they are here for you to use. There is no reason to be suffering or going without anything at this point. You are the stewards of the New Earth. Your role is sacred and there is no way the universe would not provide for you during this most important time.

It is your divine right to have your needs met. There is nothing noble about going without yet many of you still carry a deeply ingrained belief that you are somehow more spiritual if you are living in poverty. We would say to you that if you choose to live in poverty that is absolutely your choice but in no way does that make you a more spiritual person. It would merely be preference. That is old conditioning and it is time to let it go.

So, we ask you to look in the mirror, Dear Ones, and see yourselves as the sacred guides that you are, and to understand that you are here to guide yourselves, you are here to guide each other, you are here to guide those who will be awakening, and you are here guide Gaia as she reinvents herself in the creation of the New Earth. It is time to see yourselves for the glorious beings that you are and celebrate yourselves and start living without restriction. Spread your wings and let your light shine! If you do this, this can be the most fabulous year of your earthly existence you have ever had.

We understand that your souls have waited for the moments that you are in for so long, that there is an innate pressure that you feel to get this right this time. The reason why people feel like they must hurry up, they must accomplish something, they need to do something and they can’t figure out what that something is, is because the ascension has been attempted on earth before and it has not worked well. When you understood, coming into the body this time around, that there was a huge potential for it to actually happen this time, you made sacred vows that you were going to do everything possible to make sure that it was successful. While we love you so much for the amount of dedication that you have in this process, it is almost working against you because you are stressing yourselves out. This is supposed to be a glorious time of creation. We don’t want you arriving in the New World so battered and worn you can barely stand. Do you see?

This doesn’t have to be a hard ride. Every support that you need – all of the unseen helpers, the masters, the guides, the angelics, the other world beings, the sun, the planets, the collective consciousness – everything is coming together to help you do this. You do not need to shoulder the burden on your own. This is why unity consciousness is so important because when there are many at a task, the task becomes easy. We understand that it can be hard and we understand that you can tend to isolate and withdraw due to your energetic sensitivities, but you are making it harder on yourself needlessly if that is what you are doing. We wish for you to be part of this amazing process and enjoy it.

Let us give you an example. You’ve heard of or many of you have experienced planning ahead for your wedding. You want everything to be perfect. You invite the guests and you start to attend to all the details because it’s such a big event in your life and before you know it, you get so consumed with the event that you forget the whole meaning behind it and you don’t even enjoy yourself. Don’t do that, Dear Ones. We want you to look back at these very special sacred times that you are in and remember fondly what a wonderful experience it was. It is just a shift in perception. The ascension doesn’t need to be hard. You get to choose. In fact, approaching it with a sense of joy and love and expectation is exactly the energy required to assist the most. This is what we wished to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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The Freedom of Ascension ~ Channeled March 24, 2012 ~

Greetings Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We honor you for setting aside the time in your busy schedule to come be a part of the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in this room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We are so excited for the times that you are in right now! You have worked hard, so hard, to be part of this amazing energetic shift of consciousness that you and the planet are moving through together.

In your humanness, many of you tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. You understand with a deep knowingness, that there is something very important going on. In your humanness, you strive to understand it, to control it, to move it along faster, if you will. You complicate matters, Dear Ones.

As you know, we have told you that there are vital aspects to moving forward with this shift of consciousness that are not dependant upon any certain belief system or healing system. Surrender, faith, flow, trust and gratitude are all of the aspects that will move you forward, as will embracing who you really are, remembering what you know and applying it to your human experience. Many of you have been in your learning process for centuries of your linear time just to apply what you know, what your soul has gathered as knowledge, in these now moments.

So many of you are feeling a tremendous pressure because you understand that what’s going on is of great importance. Many of you can feel a great sense of excitement. Some of you feel fear. Some of you feel like you must hurry up and do something and yet have no idea what that may be. You are right; these are pivotal and important times. These are the times that your soul is here to experience.

To add to your pressure, a great number of you have attempted ascension before and had it not work well on this planet. So, many of you are here saying, “This time, this time, it’s going to happen! This time I will make sure it happens!” You are feeling a tremendous responsibility. Dear Ones, it does not rest on your shoulders alone. It is a collective process. Any large load is made easy when there are many involved with a common purpose. It is not only those of you who are awakening on the planet at this time who are participating in this shift. Your guides, the helpers, the ascended masters, the angels, the entire universe is in this dance with you. So throw out the idea that it is a tremendous burden that you must carry on your own! Instead, replace that with the idea that you can dance with joy in the light energies that have become yours. Because you are just that – a beautiful dance partner with the universe in this process.

So what it all boils down to, in many ways, is freedom. Freedom is what you imagine nirvana to be. You imagine going to the other side. You imagine being freed of the density of the body and you see that as being freedom. When your loved ones pass on, what helps you heal from your human pain is the idea that they are free – that they are free of their bodies, they are free of their pain. That is what the ascension is, Dear Ones. It is embracing the experience of being Home while on the planet, and that includes the freedom.

Now many of you are so terrified of making a mistake that you are afraid to do anything. Freedom scares the pants off many of you. What if you do it wrong? What if you make a mistake? Dear Ones, the fact that you worry about that tells you that you will move forward mindfully. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the illusion of your fear.

Many of you have kept yourselves in tiny little boxes. You have not done what your soul has wanted to do because of what family expectations may be or what society says you should do. Many of you have kept yourselves small to conform. Many of you have paid dearly for doing just that, with your physical health and with your emotional health. Those days are done, Dear Ones.

You are not here to conform to anything. You are here to expand beyond the box that you tried to wear. In fact, most of you can no longer stay small. It has become too uncomfortable to do so. You simply cannot. A great number of people have created crisis in their life by trying to stay small, and have had to learn that that is no longer being supported for them. So for example, jobs that didn’t honor who they really were, that didn’t give them joy, suddenly disappeared in order for them to move into something that is a better match.

Relationships with others that involved giving their power away have also disappeared because, you see, the entire universe is helping you in this process. The sun is sending massive mounts of light to you to move out what’s keeping you small, what is keeping you from embracing your freedom.

Freedom doesn’t mean being irresponsible, Dear Ones. It means giving yourself permission to live your life expression in the way that best honors you and allows your spirit to soar. How beautiful! Why would you keep yourself from such an experience?

Many of you have been conditioned that imagining you are bigger or greater than your small, boxed-in self is falling into ego, so you shy away from it. Ego is false power. Authentic power means allowing yourself to shine exactly as you are and knowing that that is a thing of beauty to behold.

Much like caged animals that have been kept confined for many years, now that the doors are open, you are afraid to venture beyond what has become your comfort zone. Do not be afraid! The energies are supporting you. The energies are encouraging you. In fact, the energies are insisting that you expand into your soul selves and experience the freedom that comes with that while you are on the planet. Do you see? Do you see what a glorious thing that is?

What about the freedom to live without disease? What about embracing the freedom to have a career that allows you to shine in your highest purpose and help others remember who they really are? What about the freedom to do absolutely nothing at all, knowing that your energy by itself is more than enough? What about finally allowing yourself to travel and go to the ends of the earth, if that pleases you, because you’ve always wanted to do so and never had that experience because somehow not doing it would please others or make you feel that you were a better person? Perhaps, just perhaps, you feel called to that place because your energy is required in that part of the world. Did you ever consider that? What about trusting that if you follow your highest purpose you will always be lovingly provided for? What about the freedom of stepping beyond the illusion of poverty?

I think you are starting to see what your soul has been craving all this time. It has been that freedom. Freedom to love unconditionally without fear. What would that feel like? What about giving yourself permission to be in the flow at all times knowing that everything will work out just fine, if not better than ever, from doing that? It is time to shrug off the old illusions and to know that you are prepared, that you are ready and it is through embracing your freedom that you will be the ambassadors of the New Earth. You will be bringing in the Christed energies of the Golden Age because that by itself is an energy of expansion and freedom and unconditional love. Do you see?

We would like to give you an analogy because it is through analogy that many of you can embrace what we speak of. We have used this one before but it is so fitting we would like to present it again. When you have a group of children in a classroom and it is suddenly announced that there is no school for the rest of the day, that they are suddenly released from the classroom, you don’t see those children staying at their desks in fear. You don’t see them wondering why. You don’t see them asking, “Oh, am I ready for this?” Those children leap up and run out and enjoy their newfound freedom with open heartedness and joyous expectation. They immediately embrace the opportunity and go straight into creator mode, deciding what activity would bring them the most joy. If you can relate to this analogy it is because you have already had that experience as a child and that tells you that embracing the moment is a skill you already have! That is what the times you are in right now can be feeling like for you, Dear Ones. Don’t let the old conditioning keep you small. Leap up and run as a child would in the joy of the moment that you are in right now. Those children never stop and wonder will they be provided for. They don’t wonder if they’ll be okay. They don’t wonder if it will be safe, in fact, it would never even occur to them to doubt their good fortune. They simply embrace the moment with all of their hearts and they shine with it. This is what is available for you and this is what we wish with all of our hearts for you to experience in these now moments. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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Accelerated Movement and Joyful Abandon ~ Channeled February 18, 2012 ~

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are so pleased and honored to be with you today. We are dancing with joyful energy for the reunions that are happening within the energy of the group today, and of course, when we mean group we mean not only the people in the room at this moment but also those who will enjoy this transmission on your internet at a later time.

Please know without a doubt that you are all loved beyond measure. You are always guided, you are always assisted and you are divinely perfect exactly as you are in your now moment. Never forget that, Dear Ones. That is an important aspect of yourselves that we wish to encourage you to remember at all times as you move forward through the year of 2012 and beyond. If you can remember that fundamental piece of information, you will find it so much easier to keep your balance as the energies begin to move forward in earnest.

Today’s group is a wonderful example of how souls can frequently move off on their own separate paths and yet loop back around for joyful reunions. That is what we experience with you frequently as well. Every time you remember to tap back in it is always a joyful reunion although we stay with you at all times, if you can understand this. It is the aspect of your remembering that we are here that brings the joyful reunion, if that makes sense. Do you see?

We don’t have a specific topic for today’s channel, rather we have several points that we feel should be addressed to explain what many of you may be experiencing in the energies of today. There are many points that we would like to cover as we move forward through today’s transmission.

Many of you are experiencing the sensation of accelerated forward movement. If you have not experienced it in your life expression as yet, know that you will experience it this year at some point or another. Our Dear One jokes frequently about how she feels like her hair should be flowing straight back in the wind and her skin stretched tight, she feels like she is moving forward that quickly. Many of you will be having these sensations.

Now for those of you who are practicing your skills, who remember to ground, who remember to, with their intention, shift with the energies, you will be navigating this with much more ease than those who will be afraid of movement and decide to practice resistance. Resistance to flow and movement only creates discomfort. We say to you that if you are in fear and discomfort you are in resistance. Surrender. Surrender is key to moving forward in these unprecedented and accelerated energies.

Know that these are the moments your soul has been waiting for. This is a joyful time. But many of you are finding it difficult to switch gears as quickly as what is required. Many of you had worked so diligently that you had been in a holding or a waiting pattern, waiting for these energies, some of you for well more than a year of your earthly time. It is like being stuck in a waiting room for so very, very long, waiting for your number to be called. You’ve waited for so long you feel cramped and uncomfortable. You’re dehydrated, your neck hurts, and you’ve fallen into a slumber because there is nothing else to do and then suddenly the doors get whipped wide open and people expect you to instantly jump up and sprint forward. If you could imagine how that would feel, it would be most disorienting, wouldn’t it? You would need the time to get the kinks out of your body, to give your body what it needs to awaken enough to remember where you are and who you are and what you wish to accomplish.

This is very much what the energies of 2012 feel like. You’ve had the first couple of weeks in January to try to get your bearings and now you are in your sprint trying to remember what you are here to create. Do you see? It can be most disconcerting, indeed, but please know, again, this is what you are here to experience. And if you approach it with the joy and excitement of forward movement you will be embodying exactly the energies that you need in order to move forward and have this be a year of delight to you.

So this is the first thing that we wished to share with you. We wish to remind you of our constant teaching that all movement is forward movement. We love when we watch humans on their spiritual path, so mindfully moving forward. We love what your intention is but what we want you to know is you can’t make a mistake. Being in accelerated movement can be terrifying if you believe that you can make a mistake. Correct? You cannot. You cannot make a mistake. Even if you fell flat on your face, it only makes us love you all the more. You cannot disappoint us! If you moved in the wrong direction you would get uncomfortable and very quickly right your course. It is a self-adjusting flow, Dear Ones, that only moves you one way and that is forward. Have you ever seen a stream move backwards? It doesn’t happen.

You are all moving forward. You have worked on yourselves to the point where you don’t need to have the hard knocks in order to wake up and pay attention. Let that fear go. This is a joyous time! Do not take away from the joy and the excitement of where you are by all this old fear based thinking.

So, imagine if you will, the front car of a roller coaster. Do you wish to be the one with the smile of delight on your face with your arms up in the air screeching with the joy of being alive or do you wish to be the one that is curled in a fetal position in the back that is going to land up in the same place anyways. The difference is, those who have embraced the experience will jump out of the car when they arrive exhilarated and ready to embrace the next great adventure, exactly the attitude required for the creation of the New Earth. Those who have resisted mightily will be arriving in the new space quite battered and worn. The ascension process is assured. How much you enjoy the ride is up to you.

The next point we would like to address is this. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Honor your bodies. Your body will have very different requirements as you move forward throughout this year. You may start to crave things that you think are not good for your body. Dear Ones, listen to what your body wants. For example, you could very well experience yourself craving a substance like salt and you would say I don’t want to eat that salt. They say too much salt is bad for you, so I’m not going to listen to my body and I’m going to deny my craving. We encourage you to listen to what your body needs. These are unprecedented times, and many of the guidebooks or rule books are going to have to be thrown out the window. You are the experts on what you need. Give yourself permission to listen to what your body wants.

Your sleep is going to be hugely affected as we move through this shift. You will swing wildly between needing vast amounts of deep slumber and having other nights where you barely sleep at all. Give yourselves permission to nap, Dear Ones. If you are meditators, use that skill. Many of you have these tools in preparation for the times that we are in now. Use them! If you feel like you need sun on your skin, please give yourself permission to do that rather than cower inside because you do not have sunblock because someone said it would be bad for you. Do you understand? Things are going to shift so much that you are not going to stay in one activity long enough for it to be harmful to you. Do you see? Listen to what you need and give yourself whatever it is that you are asking for and do it with love not guilt. This is so important.

Honor and cherish yourself and again, remember these energies are about unconditional love. We cannot say it enough times, you must start to demonstrate that to yourself first. In order to be a fully functioning vessel of the Christed energies, you must be able to hold the energies of unconditional love for yourselves first, because loving yourself is loving the whole and vice versa. You cannot omit one and consider yourselves to be moving forward in your highest potential.

We understand that you have been taught and conditioned that this is not a good thing to do. Those old ways of being were put out by people who were simply not qualified to tell you how to behave in these unprecedented times. You must love yourselves first and by doing so you will be the example for those who are going to be looking to you for guidance as these times move forward. The lightworkers, the energy workers, the enlightening beings on the planet are just getting their feet underneath them now. You are just starting to become accustomed to the energies of 2012. There will be a huge wave of people who will be coming mid year after you and there will a lot of last minute crammers trying to get on the boat at the last moment. They will be looking to you for guidance. Honor yourselves and understand your role here, please, Dear Ones. It is most important.

At this stage of the game it should not be that difficult for you to feel the love for who you really are. It is what you are here to experience. It is safe for you to do so. You will not be chastised for it. Again, being chastised for such things, energetically, is just not being supported anymore. You are safe. Please love yourselves.

The next thing that we would like to talk about besides our usual unconditional love, is surrender, faith, flow and trust. Do you see? The message stays the same. We repeat it because we understand that through repetition, people learn. We understand that in the human condition it is easy to forget. All that is required to move forward with grace and ease into what you are here to experience (which is far more glorious than what you could ever imagine) is surrender, faith, flow and trust. It is simple. Do not allow other people’s ideas to complicate it or muddy it in your mind. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be.

The next thing that we wish to discuss with you is the importance of letting go of attachment. Someone said to our dear partner in transmission this week, “I have everything I have ever wanted. Why am I not happy?” There will be a chorus of people saying the same thing this year.

The teachings of the law of attraction reached so many souls several years ago in preparation for the times that you are in now. It was a very pivotal piece, teaching those of the human condition how to be mindful with your thoughts and to get you to understand that you are all creators. This was preparation for you to step forward and start mindfully creating the New Earth.

It has become fairly mainstream. The idea has caught on and many people accept that your thoughts can create your experiences. Of course, in order to have such a broad appeal it was initially used for the accumulation of things. What many people are finding now that the energies are so accelerated and they are recognizing that they can manifest in record time, is that having all the things in the world is not filling the emptiness that sits within them. And this is a glorious experience for them because it is recognizing that happiness and wholeness must come from within.

It is wonderful that people are landing in this place because it’s forcing them to ask the next question, why? And what do I do about it? People who have received everything that they want and are still not happy had an attachment to the idea, if I just get this thing I’ll be ok. I’ll feel great. This attachment thinking keeps you away from your authentic power. That is why it does not work.

The joy and the happiness you seek, everything that you need to support your soul’s blooming, all of that occurs in the now moment and all of it comes from you. So, if you release your attachment to external circumstances making you happy, surrender to the guides and the flow that is here to assist you in getting exactly where you need to be, if you count your blessings, if you practice gratitude and hold your highest intention, you will be experiencing joy within yourselves that you didn’t even believe was possible. And it will be authentic because it is not dependant upon anything else but yourself and your connection to Source. We would say to you that regardless of what your situation may be, you can always tap into that quiet joy that is yours, that is unshakeable. It is your birthright and it is what you are here to embrace.

You have heard many say that the illusion is dropping away now, and that is why people are not able to find happiness in the accumulation of things and certain circumstances. That was the illusion. It is now all about authenticity.

People say to us, “Gabriel, how do I know what my purpose is?” It is the same for each and every one of you. Does that surprise you? You all have the same purpose, Dear Ones. It is to step into your authentic power and to assist others to do the same. Of course, it will have many different flavors and variations. You are here to experience being in joy and to be your highest expression of Creator Self. Of course, that will be different for each and every one of you but the sole (soul) purpose is the same. You do not like to hear this because it is too simple for you. Those of the human condition like to complicate things. You are here to remember who you really are, to embrace your authentic self, and to assist others to remember who they really are. If you all do that you will be experiencing heaven on earth.

It has been a marvelous session today and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely. We honor you for being here, we honor you for your courage and your love and your sensitivity. You are so loved. Allow that knowingness to enter into your heart and carry it with you for all of your days. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Facebook: Trinity Esoterics
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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Surrender, Flow and Three Bean Salad? Channeled January 28, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We are honored to be in your presence because you have made the commitment to be part of the group to anchor the energies that will be enjoyed now and in the future through those who may enjoy the energies of the group and the channel on your internet at a later time.

So here we sit, Dear Ones, well into the energies of 2012, that pivotal year that has dangled in front of your humanity for so very long. We have spoken in the past of how transitioning into the energies of a new year can be challenging and indeed many of you have found it to be so. It will be an incredibly busy year. There will be many shifts, twists and turns on the ride, if you will. As you can see, the activity has already begun in earnest with your recent solar flares. What an amazing system! The earth is releasing and the sun is releasing. They are both, in turn, assisting you in releasing whatever you may not wish to carry as you are firmly on your enlightenment path and intending to create the New Earth.

Many of you worry that you are not doing enough. Many of you worry that you are not on the right path. We are hoping to soothe your fears today.

There is no “one size fits all” path to enlightenment, Dear Ones. Each and every individual path is a distinctly unique path. Your unique path is yours and yours alone. There is no one as qualified as you are to navigate your unique path. You are not qualified to tell anyone else how to navigate their own unique path. You are simply not privy to all of the information that would be required in order to do so.

Many of you have probably experienced working on your boundaries. It has been a major theme that was brought to the forefront in 2011. The importance of working on your boundaries was pivotal in order for you to stay in your truth, in your integrity and standing firmly on your own path. There will be many voices shouting loudly what they think you should be doing in the energies of now. You must be in your truth, in your integrity, and you must have the confidence in yourself to stay firmly on your own path and to shut those voices out.

There will be a cacophony of noise, Dear Ones, from those who will profess that the world will end (which it will not). There will be those who tell you that in order to ascend you must follow steps a,b,c and d. There will be some that swear up and down that reiki is the path to enlightenment or that this other form of energy healing is what you need, that you must meditate x amounts of hours every single day, you must follow these teachings, you must be this religion, that you must repent, Dear Ones, oh, how you must repent! (laughter)

The only thing that is required to ascend into the New Earth is surrender and flow.

That is it. There is no knowledge necessary of the ascension process in order for someone to ascend. All that is required is surrender and flow. If meditating helps you surrender and flow, then wonderful, it is a great modality for you. If yoga helps you surrender and flow, that’s wonderful, too! If walking in nature, if spending time with a beloved child or animal, or doing reiki or whatever it may be helps you stay in surrender and flow, it is perfect for you. Do you see? Do not allow others opinions to sway from what you know to be true for you.

Oh people say, “Gabriel, how do I know?” We would say to you that your body will let you know. Does your heart feel good in an activity? Do you feel empowered? Does it feel good? Does it bring you joy? When you are in joy, you are in your highest alignment and feeling your connection to Source. Could there be a better position to navigate shifting energies from? If what you are doing is a chore and you are forcing yourself to do it, Dear Ones, it is not helping you one bit do you see? Give yourselves permission to be the masters of your own unique path that you really are.

We find it interesting to say the least, from our perspective, that there are those who are saying that it must be done a certain way. If you step back and realize how much the planetary alignments are helping you, how the sun is helping you, how Gaia is helping, can you not see that the system is taking care of itself? All the elements that you need are there. Of course, it’s wonderful to have assistance along the way. If there are people who bring you joy and buoy you and help you with your process, then absolutely, embrace those members of your soul group. If they empower you, feel free to engage in those activities with them but do not feel like you need to be doing things that do not suit you.

This is going to be a major theme throughout the year. People will be shouting loudly that they know the way and that their way is the only way. Listen to what you know to be true within your own bodies, within your own hearts and within your own souls. You have everything you need in this moment to navigate these energies beautifully. It is all there. We have reached the point of no return, Dear Ones. Ascension is happening, it is happening now! You are creating the New Earth. It is happening. It is not going to be halted or stopped in any way if you don’t do certain things. It is a ridiculous idea to think that that is so. Do not fall for it.

Sometimes it is easier for you to assimilate things through analogy so we have one that we would like to share with you today that should make things quite clear for you.

Imagine that spirituality is a salad buffet and you all have your own plates. It is up to you what you wish to pile high on your plate and you will choose what you want on your plate by listening to what your body needs. If your body is craving certain ingredients you will put more of those ingredients on your plate. After a while you might get sick of certain foods and try new things. Now can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if you saw someone else at the buffet and you didn’t like what they had on their plate so you started yelling loudly at them, “Oh, for the love of God, not tomatoes!”

Do you see how ridiculous that would be? You would never do such a thing. People would look at you like you were mad. So if people can respect someone’s choices at a buffet, why will you not respect their choices when it comes to something as incredibly personal as their spirituality, Dear Ones? Maybe that person desperately needs tomatoes because they are lacking certain vitamins and nutrients. Maybe they need to have the experience of trying tomatoes. Perhaps you are allergic to tomatoes so that would be a bad choice for you. It is quite fine to allow people to put whatever they want on their own plates, you see.

If you try to tell someone to put certain things on their plate and it’s not what they want or need at that time they are not going to listen to you, are they? But if someone does ask you what you might recommend from the buffet because you’ve experienced it before, feel free to share what you know, but then don’t have attachment to what they do. So, if you recommend the three bean salad to someone and they choose not to put it on their plate, please do not lose sleep at the end of the day, gnashing your teeth over why, oh why, didn’t they choose the three bean salad! It is not your responsibility, you see? Down the road, when they are sick of what they’ve been piling on their plate, they may feel adventurous and remember you recommended it. They may say, “Someone said it was good, let’s try that today.” Or perhaps they will go thru their entire incarnation and never experience three bean salad, which would be divinely perfect for them. Your spirituality is the same. Listen to what you know. Listen to your bodies. Allow other people to be where they are. Give yourself permission to treat something as sacred as your spirituality with the same respect as you would give a salad buffet.

If you do this, you will do just fine. Now, we are not here to sugar coat things, Dear Ones. There will be times throughout the year that will be quite uncomfortable for many of you because everything is being pushed and squeezed. You are being reborn. You are being pushed thru the birth canal and that can be uncomfortable. The way to navigate such wildly shifting energies is to really embrace the flow. It is the resistance that causes you the most discomfort. It is so simple, do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. Stand in your truth, stay in your integrity, do what you know is right for you and surrender to the flow. If you do that, you will find yourself being more supported energetically than you ever have been before. It is the people who are most in resistance that will be finding the year very difficult indeed.

You are not here to save anyone. Just as your guides have assisted you through the door to enjoy this channel or navigated you to the website that you are reading it on, just as your guides have led the way to your level of enlightenment that you are enjoying at this very moment, each and every person on the planet has the same access to the same systems. They have their own guides and their soul is leading them seamlessly to have the experiences that they need to have in order to truly move forward in earnest into the new energies. So, for some people that may mean experiencing crisis. If you get in and try to save people from their experiences you may very well be interfering. You may be blocking them from having experiences that they very much need to have. We understand that you do it from a loving heart but you must love people enough to allow the process to work for them.

It is about practicing acceptance and allowing. It is about offering support and love and encouragement, if asked. It is about teaching through your example, how to navigate these energies in ways that are working beautifully for you. And by being that example, people will come and ask when they are ready to hear. Of course, you can have compassion and empathy because you know what it is like to have suffered. You know what it is like to have struggled but you can also understand that it is through those struggles that you have landed where you are today. They are what have honed you. Those experiences that your soul set up for you to have were for your highest good.

So trust that the system works equally well for each and every person on the planet. Love people for where they are and resist the need to rescue. It is not your job to rescue, Dear Ones, it is your job to hold the highest energy possible by applying what you know. If you follow that plan you will come out the other side of this year shining brightly in the highest expressions of yourselves that you have ever experienced on the planet and that truly is something to be celebrated. This is what we wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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Getting Comfortable with Monetary Abundance ~ Channeled Dec 21, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. It delights us to see you all together in celebration of the solstice and of your Christmas or holiday season. We feel the celebration of friendship, bonds of love, family, and soul families, all coming together to celebrate the Christed energies. What a wondrous job you have all done in getting to this point.

Open yourselves up, Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to feel the energies in the room today. The room is filled with masters – not only the masters that are in the body that are sitting on the chairs in this room or the masters that are enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time but also the masters who watch and serve and walk with you from the other side, assisting you in the process, as you move forward in creating the New Earth. We cannot express to you the beauty that we experience as we watch you in these unprecedented and amazing times.

What a year you have had, Dear Ones! Congratulate yourselves! You are here and you are still standing. You’ve done it! You have anchored the Christed energy so the New Earth can begin. It has not been an easy road to get here. We understand that many of you have experienced challenges, loss, hurt, illness. Many of you have struggled but you have moved forward in your faith into the energies that are making a true difference at this time and we couldn’t be more proud. You have had physical symptoms. You have had emotional symptoms. Many of you have struggled with your ascension symptoms (we like to call them growing pains).

What you have done is effectively emptied out your vessels to the point where you can be huge receptors of Christed energy or unconditional love. What a difference that will make, not only in your own life expression, but also on the planet as well. Bask in the energies that are now yours to enjoy because you have earned them, make no mistake about it. Each and every person in this room, each and every person who is experiencing this transmission in any way has earned their spot. You are worthy. Allow that to sink in.

Many having a human experience have issues with accepting their worthiness. You are worthy, Dear Ones. You are the ambassadors of the New Earth. Cherish yourself for the role that you are playing and bask in the energies that are now yours.

You will experience many differences in your life from being part of this energy. Your soul groups will be coming together more and more as we move forward. Yes, some people from your life may drop away. If that is so, it is because energetically you are not meant to walk the path together at this time and it is appropriate. Let them go with love and light and acceptance. From your new perspective, from your new energetic state of being (if you embrace it), you will find that you will be much better able to stay in those energies of acceptance and allowing. You will be able to look at all of humanity from a place that can offer that unconditional love because you have separated yourself from the energy of struggle.

Many of you will be assuming the role of guide on earth. What an honored place to hold. This does not mean that you will all be shepherding crowds necessarily, although some may assume the role of leader. You will teach by your example. You have blazed a trail and other people will resonate with that. They will see what you have done and they will want what you have.

So each and every one of you, no matter what your role is, is equally important. We understand that some of these concepts can be hard to accept or understand. Let us give it to you in this way. When you watch a beloved baby get up on her feet for the first time and take her first steps, you understand that she will fall but look at her with a heart that is swelling with love as you watch her go thru her process. You do not become invested in it. You do not try to prevent it or rush it along. You may offer support and encouragement, yet you understand that it must take on its own pace and when the skill set comes together the child will walk, as all the children who have walked before her.

This is the patience and acceptance that you will be able to give others regardless of where they are on their paths. You will not hold any attachment to where people are. You will lovingly accept that they are exactly where they need to be. So what will you do with all that free time, Dear Ones? (Laughter)

You will create. You will create what you want for yourselves and you will create the New Earth. The sky is the limit but one of the things that we have noticed with those who are moving forward on their paths is that many of you are experiencing difficulties with your monetary abundance. It seems to be exacerbated during this holiday season. Many people feel that they do not have enough or they worry about how they will pay off their bills from the holiday season. It can be difficult to imagine how you can step into your role of creator if you are afraid of lack, you see.

Although many of you have a good working knowledge of the Law of Attraction, your ability to use it is falling apart in some cases because people are trying to use it to create beyond what their truth is. Let us explain what we mean by that. You may have someone who has experienced a lifetime that has had much perceived lack and they read about the Law of Attraction and they say, well I am just going to create billions of dollars for myself and I will live on a yacht and I will travel and I will do wondrous things with the money. And so they apply the Law of Attraction exactly as the books say and not much happens. They become frustrated and think that they cannot do it or that they are doing it wrong or that they are not worthy. They start to believe that the Law of Attraction works for everyone else in the universe but not for themselves, which would be folly, of course.

Why it is falling apart for some people is because they are not comfortable at the level of abundance that they are trying to create. They are trying to go from nothing to all and they lack the belief that it can be possible, do you see? What magnetizes things to you is your belief that it can happen and many people, if they are coming from a place of poverty, find it very difficult to accept that they could live that style of life, so because it already is fed with doubt, they don’t create it. Do you see, Dear Ones?

The energies right now are supporting authenticity, so trying to imagine such wealth might feel very inauthentic to someone who is trying to go from very little to vast wealth. What if you eased yourself into wealth? We would say to you, move forward in increments. Start with an amount that feels comfortable to you. That feels doable, if you will, to you. So, if you are struggling with your finances, why not put out to the universe, I am drawing two dollars to myself with ease. And watch how it comes. It will be a level that you are comfortable with so it will be easy to do. It will be easy to believe. So start creating minor amounts that feel easy to you and keep moving the amount up. What will likely happen is at some point you will hit a wall, an amount that you feel is undoable and the second that happens you will experience resistance in your body. And that is the very moment that is the gift, because that is the moment that you can become aware of your limiting belief system, or fear, or doubt and release it, so you can be open to even more.

It has to do with making your goals believable to yourself in increments. Perhaps once you get comfortable with the idea that you can easily draw to yourself five dollars, you may try twenty dollars. Once you do that, you may try forty dollars and eighty dollars and so on, until you will be very comfortably bringing thousands of dollars into your existence, if that is something that would make you comfortable.

If you believe that you are not deserving, or that you are taking away from another, not much is going to happen. Let us assure you that it is an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone. You cannot take away from another. Let that belief go.

Many of you, if you are in this room or interested in this transmission, have had many, many life expressions. Many of them may have involved taking vows of poverty. Dear Ones, that is no longer your reality, let it go. Some of you may have adopted a belief that being a spiritual person cannot go hand in hand with being in monetary abundance. In reality, the old system has fallen on its ear. Not long ago, in your society, lots of money frequently was attached to the idea of big egos and flashiness. Money attached to ego is a system that no longer works, in fact, the old ego based money structures are now crumbling. Monetary abundance, in many ways now, will be directly in line with the good that you are putting out in the world.

What about using the money that comes from your abundance and using the Law of Attraction to help others, to improve your service to others? What about that? What about being an example of living in monetary abundance and showing others how you can do it mindfully? What about taking some of that energy of the money and using it to create the New Earth in the way that is best going to suit everyone.

It is time for you to throw out your ideas that money is dirty because it is not. As with all things, the energy attached to it is what you give to it. So allow yourselves to shine, allow yourselves to be supported by the universe, allow yourselves, Dear Ones, allow yourselves to be comfortable!

You are creating the New Earth. You deserve every perk there is in the world, do you see? We often jest that when God is your employer the benefits are good but you must apply for them. It is that simple. We wish for you everything to make your hearts sing because you are all loved and beloved and honored more than you can ever imagine. We want you to be comfortable. We want you to assume your roles with ease. We want you to be balanced. We want you lead through your example.

We are not going to be speaking extensively of 2012 at this time. We will do that in our January transmission. We understand that there will be many doomsday prophesies floating around out there that are very fear based. Those potentials have long come and gone, Dear Ones. We would not support you and cheer you on and watch you work so hard to create the New Earth to watch it all crumble beneath you. It will not happen. Why? Because you will not create it to be so. So we encourage you as you are moving forward to congratulate yourselves on a marvelous job. Fill your hearts. Do not be afraid of the new energetic place you have landed in. Open your hearts to feel the unconditional love that is yours to tap into whenever you want to. Let your heart sing. Let your spirit soar as you move forward into this amazing, new year! This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Twitter: @trinityesoteric

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Where Do We Go From Here? ~ Channeled November 26, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in your presence today. We honor you for your humanity, for your love, for your belief, for your trust and for coming and being part of the energies of the group today. And, of course, when we say group we mean not only the people who are in the room today but also those who will experience the transmission on your internet at a later time.

Everything has changed. Do you feel it? You are in a completely different space than you were when we met just one short month ago in your linear time. The game is on, Dear Ones, energetically it is secured. You have done what many thought could not be done. You have anchored the Christed energy to the point that the New World can begin.

Many of you feel the difference. Many of you have worked hard towards the 11/11/11, understanding that it was a pivotal time, understanding that the year had been building energetically toward that date. You understood that this year in particular was pivotal towards the process, that each month held within it a gateway and that the entire universe has been assisting in the process, as well as Gaia, as well as her inhabitants.

So you have arrived in a brand new space, Dear Ones, and many of you are wondering, “What now?” “Where do we go from here?” This is what we would like to discuss today.
Everything that you will experience between the 11/11/11 and the energies of 2012 is a springboard, if you will, to catapult you forward into the unprecedented energies that you will experience on your planet in 2012. So, in a sense, you are in a time of anchoring and preparation.

Many of you are experiencing feeling like you are in no man’s land. You know that you have wrapped something up but you are not quite clear on where you are going. We would like to address that today.

In your humanity you frequently will feel like you must do something, to which we always respond, if you want to do something simply BE. We chuckle because it seems that in its simplicity it is very difficult for many of you to do. We encourage you to follow the path of highest joy yet again many times that advice seems too simple for you. You like to be busy, our dear humans, and we honor you for that.

We would like to point out to you, as you are aware, you have been releasing and purging energetically for quite some time now. What you have done is effectively emptied out your vessels to the point where you can hold more of the Christed energies, which are in fact, the energies of unconditional love. You are grand vessels of unconditional love. Do you understand the implications of that? Your being-ness, if you are a grand vessel of unconditional love, is more than enough! Embrace that.

If you really wish to do something, bask in the energies of gratitude. If all you do from the 11/11/11 gateway to the energies of 2012 is simply sit in unconditional love and gratitude, the earth will be in very good shape indeed.

But many of you read our transmissions because you wish to have a to-do list, so in order to honor that, we will encourage you to become very mindful of your ‘I am’ statements. Many of you have habits of speaking that no longer honor who you have evolved into. ‘I am’ statements loudly broadcast to the universe who you are. Do you wish to be tired? Do you wish to be bored? How many ‘I am’ statements do you make on a daily basis that no long honor who you really are by habit? What about saying things like, I am glorious! I am in my highest alignment. I am embracing and expressing my mastery today. How wonderful that would feel for you!

What if every day you got up and decided that this day I will experience the most glorious expression of myself. I will embrace who I really am today. By simply doing that, you will experience many, many miracles in your life if you can just stay in that energy. So in a sense, Dear Ones, we are saying get out of your own way! Be aware of what you are continuing by habit that no longer honors you.

Also be aware, Dear Ones, that guidance is always there. The entire universe is speaking to you, if you only take a moment to notice. Your dreams are speaking to you, your guides are working with you, your soul is taking the wheel. You are the creators, Dear Ones. Embrace your role – that is what you have worked so hard to get into these energies to do. Love yourselves!

Another vital aspect while you are at it: Love those who are around you enough to let them be exactly where they are without the need to fix them. Know that the universe is leading them as seamlessly as it leads you.

Listen to your bodies, Dear Ones. Your bodies are giving you vast amounts of information all the time. Does your throat hurt? We would ask, are you speaking mindfully? Do you speak your truth? Do your words honor who you really are? Do your lower joints ache? Do you have fear of moving forward? Your body is an amazing tool for letting you know what you need to work on if you feel the need to do so. By bringing it into your awareness, you can then choose to create beyond it. It is that simple, Dear Ones. If you wake up and your legs are aching ask yourself, “How am I afraid of moving forward?” and then with your intention state, “I am moving forward in my highest expression of myself with joy and anticipation”. There! Done! You see how easy it is? Do not complicate things.

You have evolved beyond the point of thinking that life is something that happens to you, into a role of co-creator. Use your mastery. Remember what you know and if you do that you will be having life expressions that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Do not be afraid to use your higher guidance systems, Dear Ones. Use your guides. Work with the angels. Work with the ascended masters. We are all in this together! There is no need to be approaching things the hard way. Let us give you an example.

Our Dear One and partner in transmission, has been trying to purchase herself a new vehicle for many, many months now. She didn’t want to make a mistake. She wanted to be careful. She wanted something that would last for a long time, so she researched and agonized and drove various different brands. She basically ran around in circles and confused herself to no end, until it finally dawned on her that she could simply ask for assistance in being led to the perfect vehicle to meet her needs. By the next day she was seamlessly brought to the vehicle and the following day she was driving it. By surrendering and asking for help, she accomplished in less than 48 of your hours what she couldn’t do on her own over a period of months. And it was our greatest joy to assist her!

She couldn’t imagine how the universe would bring it to her. It was quite simple. We gave the dealer a subtle nudge in the form of an idea to list it online. We gave her a subtle nudge in the idea of checking a certain website. She saw the sign and entered into the flow and it was as simple as that.

By working with your highest assistance sometimes you will receive higher than what you would have created for yourselves. She was quite amazed that she has ended up with more features than what she thought she could have for herself. But it was through surrender and then flow that she got to that place. (Shelley’s note: I still can’t believe I got the exact vehicle I wanted with extra options for thousands less than I expected to pay!)

Now we wish for you to know that in no way is she more special than any of you. You are all worthy. She does not have some special access. She’s not more privy to information than anyone else. The system works the same for everyone and no request is too small. Nothing will bother us. You must understand that it is our greatest joy to assist you on the planet as you are creating the New Earth. If you understood the scope of what you are doing, Dear Ones, you would understand that the benefits are great if you simply apply for them. Do you see?

You are entering a magical time. You are about to move into the Christed energies of your holiday season. Fill your hearts with the joys of everything that is around you. Keep focused on holding your highest alignment. Let your joy shine. Be who you really are and know that it is absolutely safe to do so. If you embrace your highest alignment and shine brightly for the entire world to see, you will be entering into that magical, pivotal year of 2012 in your authentic power and truly ready to create in earnest. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Twitter: trinityesoteric

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